Airline Lingo for Dummies

Flight Attendant Thoughts

Ever been eaves dropping on your crew and feel like they are speaking another language? Let’s be real, no one cares about anything we say but here’s some airline lingo for you anyways! 

Galley Yoga: Stretching in ones seat, the aisle or galley. Please don’t. 

Landing Lips: The process of touching up hair, makeup and lips prior to landing. 

High and Tight: Refers to the hair of a female flight attendant, aka headache hair. 

Coach Roach: Flight Attendants who prefer to work economy.

Jumpseat Therapy: We tend to get real close real fast on our jumpseats. Sometimes it becomes a therapy session. Gotta help our flying family out! Hi Boyfriend!

Senior Mama: Flight Attendant in charge. These crew members have 30 plus years and you don’t want to mess with them. So far I’ve flown with a 49 year flight attendant.  

Slam-Clicker: The antisocial Flight Attendants who don’t leave their hotel room during layovers. ME! Most the time.

Deadhead: Working flight attendant given a seat assignment in order to work a flight at the destination. This is necessary due to delays, cancelations, merges, etc. usually at an airport that is not a base. 

Domestic Diva: Flight Attendants who only fly domestic trips. Pick me! This is Denver, CO.

Now you know! Let me know what you think!

Manners Matter at 30,000 Feet

Flight Attendant Thoughts

Since I spend a majority of my life on planes now, I figured I would share some manners that your crew will always appreciate!  With all the negativity towards airlines recently, here is a few ways you can help make your flight smoother for everyone!

A simple hello. Let’s be real no one wants to be rejected 150 times in a row. A simple hello or even a smile as you walk onboard means a lot more than you know. 

  • Fun Fact: If you really wanna make your crews day, bring some chocolate for them! We always remember people who treat us well!

during the safety demo. It’s up to you to pay attention but we do ask for you to respect us and those around you by ceasing conversation and hanging up your phones. 

Beverage Cart = Earphones out. This one is a pet peeve of mine. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked people 3+ times what they would like to drink before they even look up. If you notice the beverage cart just take the earphones out for a few seconds while we take your order and hand you your drink. 

Know your drink of choice. I get it, you fly different carriers so you don’t always know what we offer, but if you throw something at me I’ll give you my next best option. Asking what we have isn’t going to get you on any flight attendants good side. 

  • Fun Fact: A Flight Attendants least favorite drink to pour is…… Diet Coke! So much foam, it’s obnoxious. Now you know!

Shut and lock the lavatory door. As you have probably noticed the lav doesn’t usually smell great. Please push the door shut on your way back to your seat so the galley doesn’t absorb the unpleasant odors. Also, lock the door when you enter. Sounds simple…but we aren’t fans of walking in on y’all on the daily…MEN!

Galley Yoga
…We are sympathetic to the fact that you are cramped in a tiny seat for many hours but we also need our space. Feel free to get up and stretch (if the seatbelt sign is off) but remember we have nowhere to go and don’t really want your behind in our faces. 

I’m not a trash can. I know you have a bunch of trash with nowhere to put it but if there’s no trash bag in my hand, just stash it in the seat back pocket for now. Most likely if you hand me something I will take it but don’t be offended when we just can’t.

Last but not least, everyone’s favorite, the seat belt sign. If it’s an emergency, it’s an emergency, use the restroom. My job is to inform not enforce. But when you are told that the seat belt sign is on and it is not recommended to be up don’t role your eyes or give us sass. We are following rules determined by the FAA for your safety. 

  • Fun Fact: Despite popular belief, Flight Attendants do not find pleasure in telling passengers over and over that the seat belt sign is on.

Now that you know, I expect you to be the best passengers for my airline family! You can’t control delays, angry passengers, or grumpy flight attendants but you can be the best you, and hopefully it creates a chain reaction!

A Day in Montenegro 

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My new obsession! I love falling in love with places I never dreamed of exploring (and possibly didn’t know existed). Montenegro made us feel like we were living in The Truman Show, thank you Andrea for the reference! We were practically expecting to walk into a wall and realize we are just living in a fake world. Thankfully that never happened and the beauty was never ending. Here’s my 24 hours in Montenegro!

We began the day driving from Dubrovnik, Croatia and made our first stop in Herceg Novi. This peaceful cove was a dreamy pit stop for sail boats with crystal clear water and fortress walls on every edge. We took a stroll along the boardwalk and grabbed coffee at Admiral Cafe and Resturant along the ‘pier.’ It is way overpriced but honestly the view is worth the money. Try the iced coffee! 

Next on our list was, Perast, to see Our Lady of the Rocks. So there are two small islands off the coast. Saint George Island is naturally formed and privately owned by monks. We were told it is a cemetery.  The second is manmade, created from a ship wreck and has a small church tourists can explore. In the photos, the island we are on is Our Lady of the Rocks and the small one in the background is Saint George Island. You will feel like you are getting hassled when you show up, but we paid 5 euros each to take a boat to the island and back. It’s beautiful, small and worth a stop. 

Now to the final destination of Kotor, to unwillingly climb what is left of Saint Johns Fortress and it’s 1900 steps…yes you read that right. The 1900 steps sounds a lot less intimidating when you aren’t looking at the 4,000 foot mountain. Despite the blistering heat and sore calves the view is absolutely stunning. Nothing compares. The photo above has not been edited at all, I know, I’m in shock too. 

We ended up finding an Airbnb just outside Kotor called Apartments Villa PM that costs $48 total for 3 people and is on the water. It has a small beach as well as steps into the water. I will definitely be returning to this beautiful little spot. The only downfall is slow wifi and hot water that doesn’t last long (pretty typical anywhere in former Yugoslavia), but let’s be real, the location is so worth it and it is 5 minutes from Kotor!

As far as food, Kotor is known for clams, which I intended on having for dinner. Unfortunately the pizza ended up winning me over! Oops! Next time the clams are all mine! 

Hope you enjoyed! I would love any recommendations if you have been! 

Sarajevo, Bosna I Herzegovina 

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Best Time of Year: Autumn or Spring

Fun Fact: Hosted the 1984 Olympic Games. Although the war (1992-1995) destroyed many of the structures you can still see remnants such as the torch and the bobsled track in the capital, which is definitely worth driving up to see.

Language: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian

  • Hello – Zdravo/Cao
  • Bye – Cao
  • Thank You – Hvala

The Capital: SARAJEVO

Sarajevo is a city surrounded by the Dinaric Alps with the Miljacka River running through the center. As you can see above there is over a dozen bridges with some famous ones, including the Vrbanja Bridge which is famous for a documentary about a couple who was shot and killed by snipers while crossing the bridge during the war. It is now a developing city full of high end malls, resturants, and fancy apartments with costs similar to the U.S. The average citizen has an income of around $350-$500 a month, with apartment costs ranging from $150 USD to thousands in a high rise. Due to the corrupt political system, there’re is little opportunity which has led to many Bosnians dispersing around the world since the war.

Recommended Malls: BBI Center, Sarajevo City Center, Old Town District

Rental Car: Rent a car with insurance, crime is low but car theft is somewhat common. Rentals are not too expense and are necessary if you want to see more of the country. Public transportation is not as efficient or reliable. 

To Do:

1. Sarajevo Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track (pictured above)- This now graffiti filled track is located atop the Trebovic mountain overlooking the city. Due to the war there is estimated to be nearly 120,000 land mines left throughout the countries hills. For the past twenty years government agencies, NGO’s, and NATO military units have been working to clear the country of the explosives.  The goal is to be landmine free by 2019 so be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to signs warning pedestrians to stay on paved trails. On a happier note, a resort near the Olympic Track is building a bobsled rollercoaster on the side of the mountain which will be a fun attraction.

2. Bijela Tabija/White Fortress – This national monument overlooks the city of Sarajevo, as the natural entrance to Sarajevo, it is now more of a bombed fortress that has an incredible view of the city. Do your best to get over a fear of heights and go walk around the border of the fort (pictured twice to the left).

3. Vrelo Bosne (pictured below)  – This Public Park springs from the River Bosna right outside Sarajevo. This is a peaceful escape from the busy city with swans, bridges, cafes and fresh running water (although drinking is not recommended).4. Skakavac Waterfall – This is quite a drive up the hills and you may have to ask locals but it is worth it. Along with the 321 foot waterfall, there is a ton of wildlife along the way. In winter the waterfall is a stunning icy drip but when the weather warms up it flows beautifully down the mountain.

Vrelo Bosne

4. Skakavac Waterfall – This is quite a drive up the hills and you may have to ask locals but it is worth it. Along with the 321 foot waterfall, there is a ton of wildlife along the way. In winter the waterfall is a stunning icy drip but when the weather warms up it flows beautifully down the mountain.

Coffee Lovers: Take time out of your day to grab a cup of espresso at a local cafe and chat. Also the hot chocolate is more of a hot pudding with whipped cream and it is delicious but very rich. Try it! You may be pleasantly surprised.

Recomendations: Caffe 35 at Avaz Twist Tower & viewing deck (located atop tallest building in the city), Zlatna Ribica (antique and upbeat), Hotel Hecco Deluxe (beautiful 360 view of Sarajevo atop hotel), Dom Faletici (in the Sarajevo hills). Many of these are restuarants as well.

My Fellow Foodies: Bread comes with everything. Main dishes include, Chevapi (meat in pita bread), Burek (meat in doughy bread), Fish (grilled whole), Lamb, Potatoes and a dipping sauce called Ajvar.

Recommendations: Toplik Fish Restaurant (locally grown food and fish pond), Avlija (indoor garden, yummy bread), Zeljo (famous for cevapi)

Toplik Fish Restaurant

I hope you are able to enjoy Sarajevo’s city and hillside as I have been able to over the last year. More on Bosnia to come!

Travel Gone Wrong 

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Anyone who travels knows it is not always easy. After flying for a year, I am now very aware of how often flight delays can disrupt travel plans but it doesn’t end there.  No matter how experienced of a traveler you are, you come to realize there is only so much in your control. Here is a few times my trips took a turn toward memory lane:

Monopoly Money (Chile-2017):

Sky Costanera in Santiago, Chile

I recently went to Santiago, Chile and exchanged Euros to Chilean Pesos. Okay Pesos are naturally confusing to me because the bills are in thousands. Anyways at lunch day one me and my coworker thought we were overpaying our waitress by paying her 2600 Pesos. She looked at us funny and we told her to keep the change. Turns out it was actually 24000 Pesos.  We were 32 US dollars short…Lesson learned, pay close attention to new currency so that you don’t embarrassingly underpay or get cheated money while overpaying.

Moscow Train Fiasco (Russia-2013):

Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia

A few years ago, while studying abroad I took a day trip to Moscow with students I had never met. The trip was great until we headed back to Saint Petersburg on an overnight train. All of us were in separate sleeper cars and while boarding mine I was denied. I rechecked my ticket and I had purchased it for the following night. Okay y’all, I had about 10 minutes before the departure and not a single person in the train station spoke English. No joke I ran around that train station screaming, “does anyone speak English” and no one even looked at me. After failing to talk to a ticket agent a man who spoke broken Russian and broken English helped me buy a ticket. Don’t worry it’s not over yet. After running back to my sleeper car and pulling out my ticket, all I have in my hand is the receipt. No joke the train is leaving in 1 minute. I have no friends, no English speakers, and no ticket. I ran back and forth down the boarding area and turn around to a man yelling out while waving my ticket. As the train began moving, I hopped on, traumatized and fell asleep crying in my not so private bed. Lesson learned, always double check tickets when purchasing in advance (date, time, city) especially when it is in foreign languages.

Revenge of the Camel (Morocco-2013)

Sahara Desert, Morocco

One of the most memorable things I have ever done was a Camel Trek through the Sahara Desert while in Morocco for my 21st birthday. After leaving the desert with a sore booty (see photo above), it took a few hours to get back to Casablanca. On that drive I broke out into a 104 degree fever and chills that I did my best to keep to myself. Upon arriving at the ship students were running to cut the line claiming they were sick. At first I was agitated but eventually realized I was one of the sick ones and rushed to the front so that I could get to the ship doctor, which was lined from wall to wall with students from my trip. Rumor has it we were fed bad camel on our camel trek which led to close to forty students getting quarantined to our rooms for two days. Lesson learned, be careful when eating food, especially street food, from that point on I began carrying Pepto Bismol tablets to settle my stomach at any moment.

Driving in the sidewalk in Malmo (Sweden-2016):

Alnarp Castle in Malmo, Sweden

My boyfriend and I were heading to dinner from the suburbs into the city of Malmo. To be honest, the streets are full of roundabouts, odd merging lanes and winding streets, but that doesn’t make this any better. While merging lanes my boyfriend drove right up into a walking path/bike trail without even blinking. Meanwhile I’m screaming who knows what at him. He slams on the breaks and we both die laughing realizing what just happened. Luckily no cars or police were anywhere near us and we continued on to dinner a little more cautious. Lesson learned, be extra alert when driving in other countries as streets and signs may look foreign and drivers are aggressive.

The Disapearing Backpack (South Africa-2013)

Cape Point Ostrich Farm in South Africa

While heading out for a 3 day South Africa excursion with Adventure Capetown, my girlfriend and I were in charge of gathering everyone into the van. The pick up was in the middle of the night so everyone had already spent the night out at the clubs which made for a bit of chaos. When my girlfriend went to grab the last few people I was in charge of making sure the bags made it into the van. When we made it to our first stop we realized her bag was missing, somehow never made it in the van and was never found near the ship. Someone had stollen it. We ended up sharing everything that trip which was no big deal but she lost numerous things includeing clothes and makeup, and it was partially my fault. Lesson learned, keep an eye on your belongings when traveling. People are watching and waiting for you to get distracted and often even cause diversions in order to pick pocket.

Bugs for Dinner!? Mexico City Airport!

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Who are my crazy foodies out there?! Over the years I have tried cow tongue at Korean BBQ, a live termite in Belize, ate ants as a kid, a whole fish in Bosnia, escargot in France and rumored to have eaten camel in Morocco, so this Mexico City layover was exciting for me! 

I never knew I could have so much fun in an airport! It helps to have an amazing crew who knows their way around and speaks Spanish. First of all this airport has a huge food court with any food or drink you can imagine. Seriously, so many options!

But my focus today is on one restaurant Cucara Macara located above the food court. If you are looking to be adventurous this is the place for you (there is normal Mexican food as well). I went in search of escomoles (ant larvae), but left with a tummy full of chicharrones (pig skin chips), grillo (crickets), and gusano de maguey (tequila worms)! What better way to entertain yourself at an airport than crazy food!

The Taste:  

Escomoles: For anyone wondering the ant larvae is mixed with onions and that is basically all you taste. They give you lime and tortillas and we ordered guacamole chips and salsa and ate it with tacos and chips. If you like onions try it!

Chicharones: You may have seen these before, they sell them like chips. Fluffy, yummy, and seasoned. They are so common I forgot to take a photo, my bad. 

Grillo: These were the best part. We didn’t actually order these, just started talking to the gentlemen at the table next to us who ordered cricket tostadas. They gave us a few to try and they are crunchy and full of seasoning. I would eat them again in a heartbeat! 

Gusano de Maguey: This was an interesting one. It was big, warm, squishy, and not very flavorful. I’ve never eaten intestine but this is how I would imagine it tasting. Wouldn’t recommend a plate of it, but it was fun to try one! 

I love food and find it so fun to step out of my little “American food” box and try new things! So next time your at the Mexico City Airport looking for food, head over to Cucara Macara. 

P.S. I have a very sensitive stomach and had no issues with any of the above foods!

13 of Bosnia’s Most Beautiful Sights


1. Kravice Falls : Kravice Falls is an 80 foot waterfall flowing from the Trebižat River. When weather permits these falls are a popular spot for swimming and picnicking. Yes you read that right, you can swim in these beautiful falls!

2. Blagaj Tekija : This historic monastery can totally be a tourist trap but I think it is too beautiful to miss. I would recommend grabbing lunch or coffee here and make sure you walk around the back side to get these incredible views.

3. Mostar (Stari Most) : In off season this 16th century Ottoman bridge is a peaceful escape but come summer it is swarming with tourists. Peaking at 78 feet 9 inches this bridge is famous for an annual diving competition (only attempted by experienced divers).

4. Restoran Kovacevic : Jablanica is known for its lamb and this resturant has the most incredible lamb and potatoes with a beautiful view. Hint

5. Prokosko Jezero Lake : Located 1670 meters above sea level this shepherd town with no electricity attracts tourists during spring and summer. When winter hits, the entire town is covered in snow forcing the inhabitants to take their flocks and reside in a town at the base of the mountain. The scenic mountaintop is perfect for hiking but don’t expect modern conveniences!

6. Slapovi Kozice : This is a hidden treasure in the mountains above Fojnica. The road is not paved so be careful if driving. So worth it as it is a hidden locals only waterfall, pictures don’t do it justice! (So secret I can’t even find a link online)

7. Restoran Toplik : This resturant located just outside the city serves its own locally grown vegetables and fish and it delicious! Plus you will feel like you are living in a hobit world!

8. Skakavac Waterfall : 

9. Vrelo Bosne :

10. Sarajevo Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track: Located in the hills

11. Bijela Tabija (White Fortress)

12. Travnik Castle :

13. Sutjeska National Park:

Central California Roadtrip

Domestic Diva

​​Disclaimer: I have to start this post by saying how frustrated I am with technology.  I had this whole post finished and when my two devices decided to sync, they went with the original draft that had one paragraph. So I am sorry if this isn’t perfect but I am starting from scratch and having some dejavu. Here’s a video of my little roadtrip followed by a blog with some more details and pictures, of course! Enjoy!

Anyways! I’m so excited to share my first video of a quick and cheap road trip down the California coast! This was a spontaneous trip where I will be stopping anywhere and everywhere. We rented an SUV with no plans other than to sleep in the car somewhere along the coast. We also brought groceries in a cooler so that we didn’t have to buy any food along the drive. This should be fun! The trip was intended to begin in San Francisco and end in Los Angeles but due to the land slide damage near Big Sur we had to cut it into a Central California road trip.  If anyone hasn’t heard, all the rain that hit California in the last couple months has crippled the residents near Big Sur who are completely stranded; they are literally relying on airlifted supplies. Along with the struggling residents, this picturesque destination is no longer an option for tourists as the roads have been burried and bridges are crumbling. 

With this information we drove up the coast from Orange County until we hit the closed road at the beautiful Ragged Point Inn. It just so happens that this cliff side Inn is amazing. We parked at the Inn and hiked to the beach down a narrow winding dirt path. Now the hike down was slippery and nerve wrecking but boy did it pay off (I would recommend leaving your coffe in the car as it did not help me with my balance).  There is a waterfall falling from the top of the cliff into a stream surrounded by beautiful rocky greenery right on the beach.  It’s beautiful and worth the trek back up that will have you huffing and puffing (if you are as out of shape as me). There is also a cafe with floor to ceiling glass walls looking over the cliffs if you need a pick me up or aren’t prepared for a hike (

Back on the road we headed South in search of Elephant Seals, and it didn’t take long before we practically ran one over like a speed bump.  Right along the side of the road there was a female elephant seal around 10 feet long . Of course we stopped and took some pictures before continuing on to the Elephant Seal Piedras Blancas Rookery located next to a scenic cliff walk.  The beginning of the year is the time to go as they are mating and males are fighting but March was the end of that season so most of the seals were hanging out, playing, swimming and napping. There are hundreds spread out along the beach and we were amazed at how entertaining they are.  From flopping along the beach, yelling, cuddling and claiming their territory you will be amazed while laughing at these mesmerizing creatures. The picture of the beach does not do the seals justice as there are hundreds in all shapes and sizes, it is quite a sight to see.

Half a mile from the seals is a trail along the cliffs, enough said.

Back on the road again we turned off the highway and stumbled upon San Simeon Bay, a National Marine Sanctuary which has a long history of being rich in food and a sanctuary for boats. The calm waters are welcoming to kayaks and paddle boards as well as eager fishers.

In search of Moonstone Beach, (which I do not think we ever found), we did explore  Leffingwell Landing’s tide pools.  This town is adorable with quaint hotels along the coast, walking trails and a stairwell down to the lively rocky tide pools.  I would recommend driving through and maybe even stopping for lunch or a walk along the beach.

Next stop Fiscalini Ranch Preserve in Cambria full of walking trails and so much wild life.  Looking out we could see hundreds of seals in the ocean, which are surrounded by otters, turtles, and birds. Hours can be spent walking around this preserve, if you are looking for a picnic spot or place to walk a dog this is the perfect spot. Also side note, the rain in the last few months has done amazing things to the grass in California.  Everywhere you look along this drive the glass is absolutely glowing in different shades of green. Wildlife is finally thriving again after such a long drought.

Morro Bay time! I have never been to Morro Bay and fell in love with the beach views. In an attempt to walk along the beach to the Morro Rock, I was able to take in the green hills, sand dollar filled sand, and Morro Rock Harbor view.  Not realizing how far we had parked after around 2 miles of walking we turned around with our sand dollar collection and drove to the Harbor for a quick bite to eat and a beachfront nap. The Harbor is full of oceanfront bars, wineries, resturants, live music, shops and aquariums as well as sailboars and sea life. We went straight to the rock, parked the car, popped the trunk and napped oceanfront in the back of the SUV. This was one of those moments where I realized how truly blessed I am.

In search of the perfect sunset, we headed out to Pismo Beach in order to camp out on the beach for the night. In order to drive on to the beach it is $5 for a day pass until 11pm and $10 for an overnight pass. This turned out to be a little adventure as we originally parked on too soft of sand which dug our tires in nice and deep. Thankfully some beach camping experts helped us dig our tires out and push us out of the hole. We then drove down the beach past the creek to the campground, parked the car, watched the sunset and slept with the sun. Definitely one of my worst night sleeps as a car floor is not the most comfortable but Pismo beach is a great place to camp and I would do it again in a heartbeat. There are also sand dunes for anyone interested in renting 4 wheelers on the beach.

The next day didn’t quite go as planned and since we had seen the rest of the drive before we headed home early still feeling pretty accomplished. I have to say, I love my Southern California beaches when it comes to tanning, biking and strolling thanks to the reasonably consistent weather but the Central Coast knocks it out of the water when it comes to the views and wildlife due to the preserved and protected land.

Next road trip will hopefully be from the Northern tip of Big Sur up through Oregon and Washington! Stay tuned! And feel free to offer any recommendations along the West Coast!

Santiago, Chile 

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Fun Fact:  Chile’s Andes Mountains are home to some of the worlds largest active volcanoes.

Uber friendly

Language: Spanish

  • Hello – Hola
  • Bye – Adios
  • Thank you – Gracias

Alright y’all! Here’s to country number 29!  This is going to sound crazy to anyone who is not in the airline industry but this month while on call for work I have not worked a flight in two and a half weeks.  That means I have been getting paid to do what I want without working.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  At times this can be frustrating but this month I have enjoyed being able to relax and explore Houston a little and that is exactly what my plan this week was until I was called to work a redeye flight to Chile with a 37 hour layover.  Although I wasn’t overly excited, how can I complain?  This is why I love my job and I am so excited for another passport stamp to add to my collection!

After a smooth 9 hour flight and a 3 hour time change we arrived at our hotel around 11:30 am which means…NAP TIME!  There is no way to truly overcome jetlag but for anyone who doesn’t want to waste a day, I often shower or take a warm bath, close the blackout blinds, turn on the tv and nap for a few hours.  Sometimes napping is easy, other times your body can’t figure out what your brain wants, like today.  I was absolutely exhausted but by the time I got in bed my body wasn’t feeling it.  I had plans to meet with someone in two hours so I ended up sleeping for about 45 minutes which means a whopping total of 2 and a half hours in the last 24 hours…(and you wonder why you come across grumpy flight attendants!)

Anyways the day ended up being a success as we headed out to San Cristóbal Hill which begins with an 850 meter hike or a funicular ride to the top of the mountain (if like me, you don’t know what a funicular is, google it, it is really cool!).  The funicular takes you to a sanctuary dedicated to the immaculate conception with a 72 foot statue of the Virgin Mary, a beautiful floral amphitheater and a chapel.  To add to the beauty, the hill has a panoramic view of Santiago, it is well worth a visit! On a normal day you can also visit a zoo and two pools that are closed Mondays.

Afterword we headed over to Parque Forestal, a beautiful urban park that I was unwilling to explore due to the blazing sun.  I believe there is a museum but there is also tons of artwork and architecture as well as picturesque places to enjoy a good book.  You can also walk to the Plaza de Armas which is the main square in Santiago surrounded by museums as well as government and historic buildings (sidenote: there’s is a fountain in the middle of the square that kids swim in and I was tempted to join.)  It is also in walking distance to a ton of restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, coffee shops, museums, etc.

After deciding the park was not in the books we grabbed dinner, I had a local fish stew dish and then had an amazing fresh ice cream bar that we noticed was all over the city. It was a raspberry popsicle with a white chocolate coating, but there is tons of options.  

That concluded the day as jetlagg fully set in and I was off to bed for the night sleeping past the free hotel breakfast..

Day two we knew we needed to be shielded from the sun but wanted to get out so we bought tickets for the Red Bus Tour which is a hop on hop off bus through touristica.  Now these Red Bus tours aren’t the best but if you want to get around the city and learn some history  without constantly getting Uber’s or taxis they can be useful. We were able to see everything we wanted while stopping for coffee, ice cream, lunch, and a trip to the top of the Sky Costanera at the Costanera Center/Mall.  This cost around 10 US dollars and is discounted with a student ID and is the tallest building in Latin America with a 360 view of Santiago.

Well that was my 36 hours in Santiago, Chile now to rest and work back to Houston.  Hasta la vista Chile!

💕Valentines Day (Date/BFF)💕

Flight Attendant Thoughts

Alright y’all this is just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Who doesn’t need some help every once in a while coming up with new fun ideas for dates or a get together with a friend?  I am not the most creative but here are some fun ideas that I love!

1.  Dueling Piano Bar

  • Looking to grab a drink but tired of the same old happy hour spot?  Look up a piano bar near you!  In downtown Houston I am a big fan of Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar which even allows you to order food to the bar for those of us who end up craving pizza after a few drinks!  This is a great place to spend a few hours as you can catch up with your friends but also interact with the show and enjoy a few laughs.  They often do competitions that lead to free shots and a lot of laughs, and you can request songs you want to hear from the performers.  I promise you wont be disappointed!


  • My idea of Bingo was an old folks home where you slowly put chips on numbers and socialize while enjoying a leisurely game.  Um, no not reality.  You may be joined by some elderly men and women but in no ways is it a slow game.  My boyfriend and I began the night hysterically laughing at the age gap between us and the other players and also at how confused we were by all the different games and rules.  Fast forward an hour and we are practically sweating trying to keep up with the numbers being called while the rest of the players were winning with ease.  We walked away from the night without a win but everyone is so encouraging and it is now our new favorite date night idea!

3.  Rollerblading (walking/biking)

  • This may sound simple but it can be such a crackup.  We always keep our rollerblades in the car and if we come across a park we pull them out and go for a stroll.  Even taking 30 minutes to stroll around the neighborhood leads to a few laughs and a little excercise.  I am horrible on rollerblades so imagine a grown adult rollerblading like a beginner 8 year old rolling around public parks and grabbing coffee downtown.  It may not be graceful but it is funny and mixes up your day with something light hearted.  Plus you get to explore your neighborhood or city and spend some time outdoors.  Worth it!

4.  Casino Night

  • Alright these nights can get expensive if you don’t go into it with a limit.  But if you are feeling up to some blackjack or slots this can be a lot of fun.  Bring your ID and the cash you are willing to gamble with and have some fun!  Leave your wallet in the car so you aren’t tempted to go back for more.  You get free drinks on the floor and you can hopefully have some fun while winning some money (hopefully)!

5.  Fishing

  • Find a local lake or pond, a fishing pole, some snacks/beers and some music and enjoy a leisurely day or night with a view.  Whether or not you catch anything you get some quality time together away from daily stress and you can hopefully catch a sunrise or sunset.  Plus you can surprise your man with an outdoorsy date night.  Major points!

6.  Food/Drink Tasting

  • Find something you like and make a point to find the best in your city or anywhere you travel.  Whether you are a coffee, wine or beer connoisseur, taco addict or are obsessed with creme brule make an effort to always find new places to taste test!  You can spend a day hopping around different places or you can plan date nights around resturants you want to specifically have a dessert at.  It is always fun finding a new favorite place and it gives you an opportunity to critique something you both love.