What I Ate In China!

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I recently worked my first flight to Beijing, China. My crew was great but I was so jet-lagged that i slept most of my layover..Oops!

However, I did venture out for a few hour to explore and eat. Mostly eat!

Actually, before leaving my hotel I ordered room service for breakfast/lunch. I decided to try a Chinese breakfast called Congee and no lie it has become one of my favorite meals. I really enjoyed the vegetarian mushroom congee with some kind of pickled vegetables. I couldn’t get enough! So I ordered congee the next morning as well!

Once I made it out of my hotel my first stop was Starbucks for a mocha latte at an underground mall. It was amazing but thanks to the cold outdoor temperatures it didn’t stay warm long..

Next stop was STREET FOOD! As most people know I am an adventurous eater and now have health issues that severely limit my diet, which is extremely frustrating. Well I couldn’t help myself so I first bought a stick of freshly fried crickets and then a stick of mystery meat (I assumed was chicken). The crickets were great, I would eat them again and highly recommend them. The meat was chewy and after talking to a friend who has lived in China we became a little concerned over what animal I may have eaten…Still praying it wasn’t rat..

Next I stopped for candied fruit! I had been told to try this by a stranger on a plane one day so I was really excited and pleasantly surprised. It was a sweet crunchy taste with all kinds of fruit. I would definitely recommend anyone visiting to try it out!

Still a little hungry I grabbed what I believe was squid on a stick and that was great as well! My friend thought it was chicken feet at first but I am fairly certain that it was squid… Overall I would give China a thumbs up when it comes to exotic food! I’m not one to shy away so if anyone has recommendations or stories I would love to hear! Happy Hump Day!!

A few funny moments:

1. Escalators are on the opposite side sometimes. I kept walking up to the wrong escalators. It was a bit embarrassing!

2. Two Chinese girls randomly asked me if they could take a picture with me. Not sure why?

3. People are not afraid to push and shove. I was walking slow due to the foot traffic and i was getting bumped and pushed even though there was nowhere to go.

13 of Bosnia’s Most Beautiful Sights


1. Kravice Falls : Kravice Falls is an 80 foot waterfall flowing from the Trebižat River. When weather permits these falls are a popular spot for swimming and picnicking. Yes you read that right, you can swim in these beautiful falls!

2. Blagaj Tekija : This historic monastery can totally be a tourist trap but I think it is too beautiful to miss. I would recommend grabbing lunch or coffee here and make sure you walk around the back side to get these incredible views.

3. Mostar (Stari Most) : In off season this 16th century Ottoman bridge is a peaceful escape but come summer it is swarming with tourists. Peaking at 78 feet 9 inches this bridge is famous for an annual diving competition (only attempted by experienced divers).

4. Restoran Kovacevic : Jablanica is known for its lamb and this resturant has the most incredible lamb and potatoes with a beautiful view. Hint

5. Prokosko Jezero Lake : Located 1670 meters above sea level this shepherd town with no electricity attracts tourists during spring and summer. When winter hits, the entire town is covered in snow forcing the inhabitants to take their flocks and reside in a town at the base of the mountain. The scenic mountaintop is perfect for hiking but don’t expect modern conveniences!

6. Slapovi Kozice : This is a hidden treasure in the mountains above Fojnica. The road is not paved so be careful if driving. So worth it as it is a hidden locals only waterfall, pictures don’t do it justice! (So secret I can’t even find a link online)

7. Restoran Toplik : This resturant located just outside the city serves its own locally grown vegetables and fish and it delicious! Plus you will feel like you are living in a hobit world!

8. Skakavac Waterfall : 

9. Vrelo Bosne :

10. Sarajevo Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track: Located in the hills

11. Bijela Tabija (White Fortress)

12. Travnik Castle :

13. Sutjeska National Park: