💕Valentines Day (Date/BFF)💕

Flight Attendant Thoughts

Alright y’all this is just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Who doesn’t need some help every once in a while coming up with new fun ideas for dates or a get together with a friend?  I am not the most creative but here are some fun ideas that I love!

1.  Dueling Piano Bar

  • Looking to grab a drink but tired of the same old happy hour spot?  Look up a piano bar near you!  In downtown Houston I am a big fan of Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar which even allows you to order food to the bar for those of us who end up craving pizza after a few drinks!  This is a great place to spend a few hours as you can catch up with your friends but also interact with the show and enjoy a few laughs.  They often do competitions that lead to free shots and a lot of laughs, and you can request songs you want to hear from the performers.  I promise you wont be disappointed!


  • My idea of Bingo was an old folks home where you slowly put chips on numbers and socialize while enjoying a leisurely game.  Um, no not reality.  You may be joined by some elderly men and women but in no ways is it a slow game.  My boyfriend and I began the night hysterically laughing at the age gap between us and the other players and also at how confused we were by all the different games and rules.  Fast forward an hour and we are practically sweating trying to keep up with the numbers being called while the rest of the players were winning with ease.  We walked away from the night without a win but everyone is so encouraging and it is now our new favorite date night idea!

3.  Rollerblading (walking/biking)

  • This may sound simple but it can be such a crackup.  We always keep our rollerblades in the car and if we come across a park we pull them out and go for a stroll.  Even taking 30 minutes to stroll around the neighborhood leads to a few laughs and a little excercise.  I am horrible on rollerblades so imagine a grown adult rollerblading like a beginner 8 year old rolling around public parks and grabbing coffee downtown.  It may not be graceful but it is funny and mixes up your day with something light hearted.  Plus you get to explore your neighborhood or city and spend some time outdoors.  Worth it!

4.  Casino Night

  • Alright these nights can get expensive if you don’t go into it with a limit.  But if you are feeling up to some blackjack or slots this can be a lot of fun.  Bring your ID and the cash you are willing to gamble with and have some fun!  Leave your wallet in the car so you aren’t tempted to go back for more.  You get free drinks on the floor and you can hopefully have some fun while winning some money (hopefully)!

5.  Fishing

  • Find a local lake or pond, a fishing pole, some snacks/beers and some music and enjoy a leisurely day or night with a view.  Whether or not you catch anything you get some quality time together away from daily stress and you can hopefully catch a sunrise or sunset.  Plus you can surprise your man with an outdoorsy date night.  Major points!

6.  Food/Drink Tasting

  • Find something you like and make a point to find the best in your city or anywhere you travel.  Whether you are a coffee, wine or beer connoisseur, taco addict or are obsessed with creme brule make an effort to always find new places to taste test!  You can spend a day hopping around different places or you can plan date nights around resturants you want to specifically have a dessert at.  It is always fun finding a new favorite place and it gives you an opportunity to critique something you both love.

💶My 8 Travel Necessities💷

Flight Attendant Thoughts

1.  Identification: Passport (internationally) or drivers license (domestically) depending on your destination.  Sounds simple but you would be amazed..

2.  Moola: Call your bank and/or get local currency.  It is important to call your bank before going abroad, some banks make it easy so that you can alert them via the app.  I would also recommend getting smaller bills as well as separating your money in case you plan to barter or have an altercation with cops or thieves.

  • While in Tulum, Mexico we got pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt and ended up forking up way too much cash since all we had were big bills…lesson learned.

3.  External charger/Universal Adaptor: I use RavPower deluxe series model:RP-PB19 (charges two devices and lasts forever)

  • Amazon.com has a pretty good deal currently: $24.99 instead of $64.99
  • In case you forget an adaptor, hotels usually have extra,but I usually do airbnb which do not.

5.  What’s the wifi password?: An International cellular data plan is a life changer.  I use T-Mobile which allows me to text for free as well as have unlimited data worldwide.  So far service has been great everywhere.  Some remote places it slows down but I highly recommend T-Mobile.

6. Neck Pillow:  Life changer if you plan on being in a plane, car, train, bus, etc. for a long period of time.

7. Book:. I always have a book with me whether I am traveling for fun or work.  You never know when you are going to get delayed, or on the flip side have a relaxing morning on the beach.

  • I have a blog post sharing books I recommend (Read with Me!).  I am always adding to the list.  Also if you have a recommendation please share!img_3574

8. Travel Gear:
 I have a baseball hat that has a plane
on it I always bring.  It is from an awesome company called Serengetee (serengetee.com).  The company was started by fellow Semester at Sea alumni who purchase fabric from local artisans around the world and also give back 10% of the profit in to the communities.  Check out their gear, I’m a fan!

Its the little things:

  • Vacuum sealed bags
  • Headphones
  • Chapstick
  • Sun glasses
  • Journal
  • Pen

Anything I’m missing?

✈️All About Me✈️

Flight Attendant Thoughts

Photo: Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean on the MV Explorer.

Career: Flight Attendant

Biggest Fear: People reading what I write! (shocker right?) Growing up I had a real phobia.  My dad would always read my cards out loud and I would start to cry.  Hopefully I am out of that phase now…..

Recently became a sugar addict, preferably Cold Stone (sweet cream ice cream with strawberries…yum!)

Studied abroad on a ship for 4 months traveling to 15 countries with Semester at Sea.


To do: Country Concerts (I fit right in in Texas, right…?–>)

Music: Country

Food: Sushi, Steak, Potatoes

Drink: Unsweatened Tea, Skinny Peppermint Mocha/Chai Tea Latte, Mojito/Moscow Mule

Book: Mark of the Lion Trilogy-Francine Rivers (all time), Gone Girl-Gillian Flynn (right now)

Animal: Duck! For those of you that are curious my family had a pet duck while I was in college.  It basically was another sibling, we were absolutely obsessed.  Sammy ate with us, swam with us, and went on walks with us.  Crazy family, I know. (Sorry for the bad picture, but look at his smile! Melts my heart)

Country: Belize, South Africa, Cuba, Bosnia

Season: Fall

Destination: Tropical

Feel free to ask questions! 🙂

📖Read With Me!📖

Flight Attendant Thoughts

Picture: Tulum, Mexico

My ratings: Amazing, Good, Eh. No rating means I haven’t read yet.


  1. (Amazing) The Mark of the Lion Trilogy by Francine Rivers (may take about 100 pages to get hooked but stick it out!)
  2. (Amazing) The Shack by William P. Young
  3. (Amazing) The Good Girl by Mary Kubica
  4. (Amazing) Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  5. (Good)The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
  6. (Good) A Dog’s Purpose -W. Bruce Cameron (before the movie comes out!)
  7. (Good) Matched by Ally Condie (trilogy I need to buy-Crossed & Society)
  8. (Good) The Host by Stephenie Meyer
  9. Room by Emma Donoghue (lost it on a plane if anyone wants to donate it so I can finish it ;))
  10. To be continued…

Books becoming movies in 2017: 

1.  A Dog’s Purpose-W. Bruce Cameron 

  • A dog’s perspective as he is reborn after every death learning new skills to ultimately find his purpose. 
  • Good / Release date 01/17

2.  The Shack- William P. Young (currently reading)

  • A fathers journey to healing after his daughter is killed by a serial killer. Completely changes the way you will look at life and God. 
  • Amazing / Release date 3/3/17

    3.  Before I Fall- Lauren Oliver

    • A 17-year old relives her death every day for a week, realizing every decision she makes has a consequence ultimately finding peace and purpose.
    • Amazing/Release date 2017

    4.  The Zookeepers Wife- Diane Ackerman 

    • A true story about a couple who used their zoo to rescue Polish Jews from the Hollocaust.
    • Release date 3/31/17

    5.  Wonder- Raquel Jaramillo

    • A 10-year old boys experience with a facial deformity.
    • Release date 4/7/17

    6.  Everything,Everything- Nicola Yoon

    • A woman living with a disease that doesn’t allow her to leave her home. 
    • Release date 5/19/17

    7.  The Coldest City- Antony Johnston

    • Before the fall of the Berlin Wall there is a search for Cold War spies on both sides. 
    • Release date 7/28/17

    8.  The Mountain Between Us- Charles Martin

    • Two people struggle to survive after a plane crash.
    • Release date 10/20/17

    9.  Same Kind of Different as Me- Lynn Vincent, Denver Moore, Ron Hall

    • A friendship between a man with a dying wife and a homeless man and their challenges and growth. 
    • Release date 10/20/17

    10.  Let It Snow– John Green

    • A Christmas love story.
    • Release date 11/22/17

    🗺Coast to Coast (U.S.A)🗺

    Flight Attendant Thoughts

    Picture: Mount Evans near Denver, Colorado

    Here is a list of every state I have been to. I have so many places I still want to explore domestically! Always accepting recommendations and ideas!

    1. California
    2. Oregon
    3. Washington
    4. Nevada
    5. Arizona
    6. New Mexico
    7. South Dakota
    8. Texas
    9. Colorado
    10. D.C.
    11. Massachusetts
    12. Montana
    13. Texas
    14. Louisiana
    15. Minnesota
    16. Illinois
    17. Florida
    18. Virginia
    19. New York
    20. New Jersey
    21. Pennsylvania
    22. Iowa
    23. Georgia