A Few Things I Can’t Travel Without

Flight Attendant Thoughts

As a flight attendant I live out of a suitcase which means not a lot of space and mini everything.

I thought I would share a few products I have come to love that I couldn’t live without and how I incorporate them into my nomadic lifestyle.

1. MONAT Renew Shampoo

I never struggled with dandruff until I started flying. I know I don’t drink enough water but nothing seemed to help until a friend turned me on to this amazing shampoo. My hair has never been more hydrated or shiny. I went from being self conscious to constantly getting compliments. Never going back!

2. Rodan+Fields Microdermabrasion Paste & Unblemished Sulfur Face Wash

I struggle with adult acne and long days wearing makeup don’t do my face justice. I use R+F’s Unblemish regimen daily but incorporating these two products a few times a week he changed my skin. First I use the paste for about a minute on my face and then I follow it with a 15 minute sulfur mask. Bye bye clogged pores and stubborn blackheads!

3. Sephora Collection Classic Double Ended Brushes

It is so annoying having a million different makeup brushes cluttering my bag. Discovering these brushes has saved so much room and helps speed up the makeup process.

4. Hydration: Sunday Riley Brightening Enzyme Water Cream and R+F Active Hydration Serum

I use the Brightening Enzyme Water Cream on my face prior to my foundation and it makes me feel so refreshed. I have never found a moisturizer I like because I tend to break out but Sunday Riley is amazing. I use the active hydration serum on my hands with any lotion twice a day and my cracking hands transform into soft ones within a few uses. I never knew how dehydrating flying could be, combined with a Chicago winter I am experiencing a whole new meaning to dry!

4. Travel Containers (Target)

For the longest time i couldn’t figure out a good system to bring my full size products with me in a compact way. I finally discovered these travel size containers that I can put shampoo, face wash, and face or hair paste in. Game changers!

That’s about it for my GO-TO products! Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions!

More Summer Reads!

Flight Attendant Thoughts

So two big things happened recently  related to reading! First I was finally convinced to invest in a Kindle Paperwhite. I love paperback books and turning pages as I go but I am hoping to save money and have a more convenient travel experience with my new kindle! Second, I discovered Book of the Month and just love the idea! They pick books every month and you choose from their selection which books you want sent to you! So now I at least get 1 paperback a month! And my first book was free! I have the link below if you want to check it out! Just click on Book of the Month

Here is what I’ve been reading the past two months. I haven’t had the best of luck not gunna lie….:

Reached by Ally Condie: I finally finished up this series. It’s a futuristic society that is similar to 1984 with a love triangle. The first two books were great but Reached was a little harder to follow. Still would recommend it! Matched is book one! 

13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher: I read this book back in high school and loved the Netflix series. I think it is so important for younger generations specifically high school age to understand the effect of bullying and to have compassion on each other. (I understand the suicide issue is controversial but for those who can handle the topic it is a great lesson.) The book is solely from Clay’s perspective and takes place in one night. I would definitely recommend this book! 

Left Behind by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins: Best book I read this month! I am waiting for my kindle to arrive to continue the rest of the series. Even if you aren’t religious it is still an interesting end of the word series. Totally recommend and can’t wait to keep reading! 

The Husbands Secret by Laine Moriarty: This book had me hooked from the beginning, it slowed down a little 2/3 of the way through but the end is an emotional roller coaster. I would definitely recommend it but I did enjoy Big Little Lies a little more. 

Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips: So I would not recommend this book. From the reviews I have read it seems like mothers are able to relate and enjoy this book in a way I couldn’t. The protagonist has sporadic thoughts the whole book unrelated to the situation and the antagonist is never explained enough to make any sense. I just didn’t feel like there was a point to the book, I kept reading for something and it never came. 

The Worriers Guide to the End of the World by Torre Deroche: I recently joined a Facebook groups for girls around the world who love to travel titled, Girls Love Travel, if any females would like to join! I love getting new ideas and a chapter of the group is a book club. Next month this is the book nominated and the author is a part of the group! For anyone who has anxiety about travel this is a great book of how a worrier doesn’t necessarily conquer her fears but pushes through them as she follows a not so ordinary journey. It’s a true story and I loved it!

Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris: I love forgetful passengers! This book is an eye opener when it comes to domestic violence. It is a whole new level of abuse that will make you question relationships. I found it very interesting but very disturbing. I had trouble sleeping one night and was sick to my stomach every time I read. Definitely recommend. (Sorry for the picture it’s the only one I have.)

I’ve been reading some good ones this month so I’m excited for my next post! I am so blessed by my job! The ability to have downtime to read is amazing and I have been able to get back into the habit even if it’s guilty pleasure books! I’m hoping to get into more historical fiction! Always accepting recommendations! 

How We Can Help After Harvey 

Flight Attendant Thoughts

So first I want to update you all with how the donations you sent me were able to help numerous Harvey victims. Thank you so much for your generosity you allowed me to bless others and I am so grateful. This past week and a half started with a tragedy among my friends and ended with Hurricane Harvey. It’s been emotional and I am so grateful to be safe and be able to help in a time when I felt so helpless.

Day 1: August 30, 2017
Over 500 dollars went toward donations to a shelter that opened near my home at the Prince of Peace Catholic Church. Some of that money went toward amenity kids filled with toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, razor, lotion and a sucker (cause why not have something sweet during the disaster). I was also able to buy several sizes of socks, flip flops, underwear and trash bags along with 3 bags of clothes I had been planning to get rid of but had been to lazy to do anything with (thank you Jesus for my laziness).
After that first drop off I asked what they were in need of and they said perishable food and water. I headed to the nearest grocery store that was not flooded and went to town from sandwich items to bagels, yogurt, string cheese, Capri Sun and a lot of water. See picture below.

I tried to volunteer but in true Texas spirit they had too many volunteers already. How amazing is that! It was actually hard for me to find a shelter that was in need of donations because the community had been so generous already. Crazy right!
Day 2: August 31

This was a special day because Bo and I were able to help a United flight attendant who reached out for support. I’ve never worked with Nate but have met him multiple times while jumpseating on flights he was working. He was hired a few months before me and actually moved from Saipan, an island near Guam, in 2009. He bought a house in Houston in 2015 and ended up moving his family from Saipan last year. After giving up so much to live comfortably in Houston, Harvey struck and filled their home with about 4 feet of water. Since they are outside of the flood zone they are not offered flood insurance. All of this to say Nate is one of the most kind and sincere people and we jumped at the opportunity to help him recover from the storm.

We spent the day with Nate, his family and a random group of selfless United employees who came out to help. As you can see we helped get rid of the water damage throughout the first floor of his house. We also were able to gift him with $650 thanks to all your generosity. Nate is waiting on loans to help repair his home and is also raising money via a go fund me if you click here you can help be a part.
Here’s a message from Nate!

That moment in life where everything you have worked for and everything you own or have is washed away with the blow of a wind and silent moving water. I recently fell victim of Hurricane Harvey in a worse way. I am a flight attendant with a little over 18 months on the line and I truly love the job and the people I work with. Just recently, the true meaning of brothers and sisters of my winged family showed up to what remains of my home with hammers and brooms to help me start to rebuild. The labor of tearing down the house has started yet now I am at the point where I need to start putting money back into what is currently a washed out spot that my home once stood to bring it back to a livable and safe place for me to live. I have recently brought my family to the US from Saipan and normal day to day life is hard, but now I can honestly say the next step is just to far too steep, without the help of friends and family. I am normally not one that ask for pocket change, however, as the water flowed it also took my pride and made me aware that I am at the point that I can’t do this alone and that I need any help that can be spared in this major time of need. Only contribute is if you have the means.”

Nate is in the black shirt second from the right!

Let me tell you, if you are still trying to figure out how you can help, please consider donating toward Nates cause. His family is so sweet and deserving to be blessed and helped in this time of need. I know there is a ton of tragedy and natural disaster at the moment but heres a way to help Houston.


Also keep praying for Houston! This is going to be a long process of rebuilding.

Should You Apply to be a Flight Attendant? Let’s Find Out!

Flight Attendant Thoughts

In case you didn’t know, now is an exciting time for airlines! So many airlines are currently hiring pilots and flight attendants which is so exciting! If you follow my Instagram or blog and wonder if you could do this or if it’s a career that intruiges you then keep on reading! Let’s talk about the pro’s and con’s and see if you are a perfect match!

I’m not going to lie. I struggled the first 10 months. It was a difficult adjustment and I wasn’t sure if this was a job I loved enough to stick it out. At around a year it just clicked. I hadn’t been traveling or doing any cool trips but I think I finally got the hang of the job and realized how blessed I am. Yes there are bad days but the pros totally outway the cons for me! Let me know if you have questions! I would love to answer them. I hope I can inspire some people to join me in the skies!

P.S. I am going to add application links to the bottom of this post of airlines who are hiring as of July 2017! 

Do you love to travel? If the answer is yes then you are on the right track. I’ve been flying for a little over a year now and have left the country more than twenty times. Mostly for personal travel. I have gotten to explore states like Omaha and St. Louis on layovers and have visited friends and family from coast to coast any time I have a chunk of days off, which is multiple times a month. (Pictured: Kotor, Montenegro! Probably the most beautiful view I have ever seen!)

Do you want to travel in first class?  Who doesn’t?! I recently returned from Bosnia through Munich in Business class for under 100 dollars. I may not make much money but the perks of flying in first class on international flights is something I never imagined at the age of 24. (When I fly internationally I tend to pick flights I know I can get first class on. Once you upgrade it’s hard to go back!)

Do you want to bring your family and friends on your adventures? Guess what? You totally can! My family has come with me to Munich on a layover and use my benefits to travel the states whenever they want or need to. They can also upgrade to first class and take full advantage of it! Standby can be risky but to anyone who is flexible it is an amazing opportunity. (Pictured: December 25, 2016 I cried half the day as I was missing my first Christmas and spending it alone. The next day I called my dad at 5 am told him to pack his bags and come on my 5 day Munich, Germany layover! My sister also tagged along!)

Do you want a flexible schedule? If you want a Monday-Friday 9-5 job then the airline industry is not for you. But if you want more than 8 days off a month in chunks at a time look no farther. For example this month I have a week off in the beginning of the month which means I can either go home or do a vacation or both! (Pictured: My most recent trip to Plitvice Falls in Bosnia)

Are you tired of everyday looking the same? A benefit of this career is that no Day looks the same. You will change planes, crews, work positions, states, countries, hotels, time zones, etc. No day is ever alike and I love that! I was so over sitting at a desk for 8 hours following up with the same phone calls, chasing paperwork day after day. I now find myself never getting bored and it is awesome!

Are you tired of spending money on office attire? Let’s be real uniforms aren’t great and definitely are not all flattering but it is nice to have consistency without worrying about staying fashionable. Despite a strict uniform policy you still have flexibility when it comes to makeup, heels, hair, skarfs, ties, etc. Good alterations are key to feeling your best! It definitely takes some of the stress and time out of getting ready for work! 

Do you want the ability to take months of work off at a time? We have medical and educational leaves of absences that can be applied for but there are also opportunities every once in a while to take one or multiple months off. My company has given leaves for 1-4 months over the past year. I have actually applied for a month off in September so I can travel! Who can do that?! (Pictured: Sunset above Houston)

Do you like people? Yes? Perfect! No? Me neither! I’m kidding but sometimes I wonder what I got myself into. The reality of this job is that you will be serving hundreds of people daily. Some days are smooth and people are friendly and thankful other days you are getting yelled at and puked on for 14 hours. At the end of the day you get to relax in a free hotel to decompress and remind yourself how amazing this job is. (Pictures is Malmo, Sweden) 

Can you live with missing holidays? This is the hardest part of the job for me. Over the past year I have missed every holiday with my family. We were able to celebrate thanksgiving a week early and my dad and sister came on my Munich layover the day after Christmas but other than that, every holiday has been spent in Texas. The worst part is that I am currently on reserve (on call) and usually don’t get a trip on a holiday. I’ve spent most holidays alone in Houston and despite the extra pay it really does suck. (July 4, 2016 was spent with flight attendants at a Darius Rucker concert. July 4, 2017 was spent alone in Houston with a standby assignment at 8pm. You win some and you lose some.)

Are you flexible? This job requires early mornings flights and redeye turns. You are required to be cell phone available 24/7 on work days. Flights are constantly getting delayed and cancelled. A 6 hour day can become a 14 hour day. You are not always able to control your schedule. You may not get the base you want. Nothing is set in stone and you always have to be prepared for change, both good and bad. Sometimes a delay can cause a misconnect leading to a 30 hour layover and sometimes a quick turn can turn into 14 and a half hours of hell. Even as a flexible person it can be difficult but keeping the big picture in mind I promise you will survive and love what you do. Well I hope at least! (Pictured: Downtown Houston is a really cool city when it’s not 500% humidity in summer)

Are you willing to move? When we got to training our instructors would ask us at least once a week if we were willing to reallocate and everyone would yell out “YES!” When reality hit and almost 50% of the class did not get their first or second choice everyone went into meltdown mode. Some people quit and others pouted for months until they were able to transfer. Not gunna lie despite saying I was willing to move anywhere I wasn’t happy to be placed in Houston but am so glad I was given houston over any other base option. It may not be a forever home but it is centrally located and cheap which is ideal for travel! I promise moving is not the end of the world especially when you can fly for free! (Pictured: Despite moving away I am always able to make it home when it counts whether it’s a wedding, birthday or just a last minute spur of the moment trip! Family and friends learn to adjust to the sporadic schedule!)

Are you looking for a change? I was! I was in between graduating college and a job and knew I needed to travel before settling down. Maybe you are looking to travel for a year and then apply for your dream job or maybe your dream is to be a flight attendant or pilot. I have flown with men who applied for the woman and travel intending to fly for a summer and are still flying 25 years later. There are recent college graduates, recently married or divorced and people who just needed a change of pace. I highly recommend looking into it if you have an incling! I love my job so much and know so many of you would to!

Currently hiring:
United Airlines

American Airlines

 Hawaiian Airlines (I couldn’t find an application but there are interviews in fall in the states!)


Not hiring at the moment but here’s the link to check!

Virgin America/Alaska Airlines 


JetBlue (Website is too confusing for me!)

Reading My Way Though Summer ’17 

Flight Attendant Thoughts

My new best friend is the half priced book store but airport book stores and Amazon still get the best of me. Here are my summer reads so far with many more to come! 

THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR by Shari Lapina: This book kept me interested from page one as a baby is kidnapped and details constantly emerge complicating the matter. Highly recommend!

THE BEACH by Alex Garland: This book is about a hidden island paradise that turns into a horror scene. It was a good read but dragged on a little too long for me.

BIG LITTLE LIES by Liane Moriarty: So I didn’t know there was a tv series when buying but the book was so much better! Highly recommend this mom drama murder mystery! 

SEE ME by Nicholas Sparks: Currently finishing up this book and was hooked from the prologue. I highly recommend this complicated love story mixed with the drama of a stalker. It is quite the page turner!

THE GIRL IN THE ICE by Robert Bryndza: This British murder mystery kept me guessing until the last few chapters. Highly recommend! 

How I Deal With Jetlag

Flight Attendant Thoughts

Alright I keep getting asked how I deal with jetlag…As my name states I am obviously jetlagged often and it can be really hard on my body. Flight attendants change time zones hourly so when we finally get to our hotel or home at night (or day) our bodies are often confused.

 This is how I handle jetlag:

1. Listen to my body: After a 10 hour flight you never know how your body will react. If I get to the hotel and I am wide awake I will try and workout and explore. If I checkin and am exhausted I’ll sleep. Sometimes it’s two hours other times it’s 13 hours. It may not be the best when trying to get on the right time zone but sometimes you just have to listen to your body.

2. Stay Hydrated: I struggle with this one but any flight attendant will tell you to drink a ton of water especially because planes will dehydrate you like crazy. 

3. Work Out: This may help wake you up if you are trying to get adjusted to the time zone. Push through the sleepiness and get a workout in to give yourself an energy boost. 

4. A Warm Bath: If you are trying to sleep a warm bath may help relax your body to trick it to sleep. I often try reading a book to help get my eyes tired. 

5. Wine/Coffee: The oldest tricks in the book should not be forgotten. Try some coffee if you need an energy boost to last a few more hours and some wine as a night cap. Sounds simple but sometimes simple is all you need! 

There’s no easy way to deal with jetlag but don’t forget to listen to your body and hopefully these tips will help you out! Let me know what you think!

Pictured: Denver, CO / Honolulu, Hawaii / Fojnica, Bosnia / Houston, Texas

Lavatory Etiquette

Flight Attendant Thoughts

So a dear family friend (shoutout to Tamara!) mentioned how nasty men leave lavatories. I will be the first to say men and women both destroy lavatories. In light of this I decided I should give some common sense reminders as well as friendly tips on how to do lavatories right!

It’s about to get real!

1. Wear Shoes: It may look clean but I guarantee there has been urine and vomit on that floor before. Yes planes are cleaned often but not deep cleaned. If it’s wet it’s probably not water. Just saying. 

2. Close the Door: You aren’t at home, this one really mystifies me. I have actually had men pee while the door is wide open in my galley. Not cool.

3. Lock the Door: Come on y’all, I don’t want to walk in on you and neither does any of my passengers. Also make sure the door is closed when you lock it. Everyday people lock the door without fully closing it. See below….someone is in there and the door is open. So close. 

4. Courtesy Flush: It’s the polite thing to do.

5. Aim for the Toilet: Sounds simple but apparently it’s not…Men…

4. Always Carry Poo-Pourri: If you are someone who has to go after a morning coffee, you have IBS, or just have no problem going in public this is a handy tool. A few drops in the toilet before you go help eliminate odor, the last row will greatly appreciate this gesture.. So will we.

5. Toss Toilet Paper in the Bowl Before Going #2: I have heard this helps prevent skid marks so remnants are not left behind for the next passenger. Gross.

6. Trash: Place paper towels in the trash and toilet paper in the toilet. I’m not sure what happens in there but somehow the floor is covered in trash and the sink is clogged with paper. Help everyone out and put trash where it belongs.

7. Diapers: Please never hand a flight attendant a dirty diaper. We cannot take it from you. Try placing it in an air sick bag and tossing it in a lavatory trash.

8. Puke Bags: Airlines have procedures for vomit so feel free to let a flight attendant know if you get sick. 

I hope this helps you have a more pleasant lavatory experience! 

Airline Lingo for Dummies

Flight Attendant Thoughts

Ever been eaves dropping on your crew and feel like they are speaking another language? Let’s be real, no one cares about anything we say but here’s some airline lingo for you anyways! 

Galley Yoga: Stretching in ones seat, the aisle or galley. Please don’t. 

Landing Lips: The process of touching up hair, makeup and lips prior to landing. 

High and Tight: Refers to the hair of a female flight attendant, aka headache hair. 

Coach Roach: Flight Attendants who prefer to work economy.

Jumpseat Therapy: We tend to get real close real fast on our jumpseats. Sometimes it becomes a therapy session. Gotta help our flying family out! Hi Boyfriend!

Senior Mama: Flight Attendant in charge. These crew members have 30 plus years and you don’t want to mess with them. So far I’ve flown with a 49 year flight attendant.  

Slam-Clicker: The antisocial Flight Attendants who don’t leave their hotel room during layovers. ME! Most the time.

Deadhead: Working flight attendant given a seat assignment in order to work a flight at the destination. This is necessary due to delays, cancelations, merges, etc. usually at an airport that is not a base. 

Domestic Diva: Flight Attendants who only fly domestic trips. Pick me! This is Denver, CO.

Now you know! Let me know what you think!

Manners Matter at 30,000 Feet

Flight Attendant Thoughts

Since I spend a majority of my life on planes now, I figured I would share some manners that your crew will always appreciate!  With all the negativity towards airlines recently, here is a few ways you can help make your flight smoother for everyone!

A simple hello. Let’s be real no one wants to be rejected 150 times in a row. A simple hello or even a smile as you walk onboard means a lot more than you know. 

  • Fun Fact: If you really wanna make your crews day, bring some chocolate for them! We always remember people who treat us well!

during the safety demo. It’s up to you to pay attention but we do ask for you to respect us and those around you by ceasing conversation and hanging up your phones. 

Beverage Cart = Earphones out. This one is a pet peeve of mine. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked people 3+ times what they would like to drink before they even look up. If you notice the beverage cart just take the earphones out for a few seconds while we take your order and hand you your drink. 

Know your drink of choice. I get it, you fly different carriers so you don’t always know what we offer, but if you throw something at me I’ll give you my next best option. Asking what we have isn’t going to get you on any flight attendants good side. 

  • Fun Fact: A Flight Attendants least favorite drink to pour is…… Diet Coke! So much foam, it’s obnoxious. Now you know!

Shut and lock the lavatory door. As you have probably noticed the lav doesn’t usually smell great. Please push the door shut on your way back to your seat so the galley doesn’t absorb the unpleasant odors. Also, lock the door when you enter. Sounds simple…but we aren’t fans of walking in on y’all on the daily…MEN!

Galley Yoga
…We are sympathetic to the fact that you are cramped in a tiny seat for many hours but we also need our space. Feel free to get up and stretch (if the seatbelt sign is off) but remember we have nowhere to go and don’t really want your behind in our faces. 

I’m not a trash can. I know you have a bunch of trash with nowhere to put it but if there’s no trash bag in my hand, just stash it in the seat back pocket for now. Most likely if you hand me something I will take it but don’t be offended when we just can’t.

Last but not least, everyone’s favorite, the seat belt sign. If it’s an emergency, it’s an emergency, use the restroom. My job is to inform not enforce. But when you are told that the seat belt sign is on and it is not recommended to be up don’t role your eyes or give us sass. We are following rules determined by the FAA for your safety. 

  • Fun Fact: Despite popular belief, Flight Attendants do not find pleasure in telling passengers over and over that the seat belt sign is on.

Now that you know, I expect you to be the best passengers for my airline family! You can’t control delays, angry passengers, or grumpy flight attendants but you can be the best you, and hopefully it creates a chain reaction!

Travel Gone Wrong 

Around the World, Flight Attendant Thoughts

Anyone who travels knows it is not always easy. After flying for a year, I am now very aware of how often flight delays can disrupt travel plans but it doesn’t end there.  No matter how experienced of a traveler you are, you come to realize there is only so much in your control. Here is a few times my trips took a turn toward memory lane:

Monopoly Money (Chile-2017):

Sky Costanera in Santiago, Chile

I recently went to Santiago, Chile and exchanged Euros to Chilean Pesos. Okay Pesos are naturally confusing to me because the bills are in thousands. Anyways at lunch day one me and my coworker thought we were overpaying our waitress by paying her 2600 Pesos. She looked at us funny and we told her to keep the change. Turns out it was actually 24000 Pesos.  We were 32 US dollars short…Lesson learned, pay close attention to new currency so that you don’t embarrassingly underpay or get cheated money while overpaying.

Moscow Train Fiasco (Russia-2013):

Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia

A few years ago, while studying abroad I took a day trip to Moscow with students I had never met. The trip was great until we headed back to Saint Petersburg on an overnight train. All of us were in separate sleeper cars and while boarding mine I was denied. I rechecked my ticket and I had purchased it for the following night. Okay y’all, I had about 10 minutes before the departure and not a single person in the train station spoke English. No joke I ran around that train station screaming, “does anyone speak English” and no one even looked at me. After failing to talk to a ticket agent a man who spoke broken Russian and broken English helped me buy a ticket. Don’t worry it’s not over yet. After running back to my sleeper car and pulling out my ticket, all I have in my hand is the receipt. No joke the train is leaving in 1 minute. I have no friends, no English speakers, and no ticket. I ran back and forth down the boarding area and turn around to a man yelling out while waving my ticket. As the train began moving, I hopped on, traumatized and fell asleep crying in my not so private bed. Lesson learned, always double check tickets when purchasing in advance (date, time, city) especially when it is in foreign languages.

Revenge of the Camel (Morocco-2013)

Sahara Desert, Morocco

One of the most memorable things I have ever done was a Camel Trek through the Sahara Desert while in Morocco for my 21st birthday. After leaving the desert with a sore booty (see photo above), it took a few hours to get back to Casablanca. On that drive I broke out into a 104 degree fever and chills that I did my best to keep to myself. Upon arriving at the ship students were running to cut the line claiming they were sick. At first I was agitated but eventually realized I was one of the sick ones and rushed to the front so that I could get to the ship doctor, which was lined from wall to wall with students from my trip. Rumor has it we were fed bad camel on our camel trek which led to close to forty students getting quarantined to our rooms for two days. Lesson learned, be careful when eating food, especially street food, from that point on I began carrying Pepto Bismol tablets to settle my stomach at any moment.

Driving in the sidewalk in Malmo (Sweden-2016):

Alnarp Castle in Malmo, Sweden

My boyfriend and I were heading to dinner from the suburbs into the city of Malmo. To be honest, the streets are full of roundabouts, odd merging lanes and winding streets, but that doesn’t make this any better. While merging lanes my boyfriend drove right up into a walking path/bike trail without even blinking. Meanwhile I’m screaming who knows what at him. He slams on the breaks and we both die laughing realizing what just happened. Luckily no cars or police were anywhere near us and we continued on to dinner a little more cautious. Lesson learned, be extra alert when driving in other countries as streets and signs may look foreign and drivers are aggressive.

The Disapearing Backpack (South Africa-2013)

Cape Point Ostrich Farm in South Africa

While heading out for a 3 day South Africa excursion with Adventure Capetown, my girlfriend and I were in charge of gathering everyone into the van. The pick up was in the middle of the night so everyone had already spent the night out at the clubs which made for a bit of chaos. When my girlfriend went to grab the last few people I was in charge of making sure the bags made it into the van. When we made it to our first stop we realized her bag was missing, somehow never made it in the van and was never found near the ship. Someone had stollen it. We ended up sharing everything that trip which was no big deal but she lost numerous things includeing clothes and makeup, and it was partially my fault. Lesson learned, keep an eye on your belongings when traveling. People are watching and waiting for you to get distracted and often even cause diversions in order to pick pocket.