What I Ate In China!

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I recently worked my first flight to Beijing, China. My crew was great but I was so jet-lagged that i slept most of my layover..Oops!

However, I did venture out for a few hour to explore and eat. Mostly eat!

Actually, before leaving my hotel I ordered room service for breakfast/lunch. I decided to try a Chinese breakfast called Congee and no lie it has become one of my favorite meals. I really enjoyed the vegetarian mushroom congee with some kind of pickled vegetables. I couldn’t get enough! So I ordered congee the next morning as well!

Once I made it out of my hotel my first stop was Starbucks for a mocha latte at an underground mall. It was amazing but thanks to the cold outdoor temperatures it didn’t stay warm long..

Next stop was STREET FOOD! As most people know I am an adventurous eater and now have health issues that severely limit my diet, which is extremely frustrating. Well I couldn’t help myself so I first bought a stick of freshly fried crickets and then a stick of mystery meat (I assumed was chicken). The crickets were great, I would eat them again and highly recommend them. The meat was chewy and after talking to a friend who has lived in China we became a little concerned over what animal I may have eaten…Still praying it wasn’t rat..

Next I stopped for candied fruit! I had been told to try this by a stranger on a plane one day so I was really excited and pleasantly surprised. It was a sweet crunchy taste with all kinds of fruit. I would definitely recommend anyone visiting to try it out!

Still a little hungry I grabbed what I believe was squid on a stick and that was great as well! My friend thought it was chicken feet at first but I am fairly certain that it was squid… Overall I would give China a thumbs up when it comes to exotic food! I’m not one to shy away so if anyone has recommendations or stories I would love to hear! Happy Hump Day!!

A few funny moments:

1. Escalators are on the opposite side sometimes. I kept walking up to the wrong escalators. It was a bit embarrassing!

2. Two Chinese girls randomly asked me if they could take a picture with me. Not sure why?

3. People are not afraid to push and shove. I was walking slow due to the foot traffic and i was getting bumped and pushed even though there was nowhere to go.

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