Farewell to the Queen of the Skies (aka B747)

Domestic Diva

Have I mentioned I have the best job in the world?! Well I do and for anyone who doesn’t give a crap about a dang airplane this post is actually a big deal!! United recently flew the final Boeing 747 aircraft flight and it was a retro throwback flight from San Francisco to Honolulu! What I would have done to have a seat on that flight!

I May not have made it on the final historic flight but I did get the chance to fly on one of the final farewell flights in LAX. Okay so I have to go back a few weeks to when I received an email (along with every United employee in every department) to enter into a raffle to fly on one of the last United 747 flights before they were retired. I’m not sure exactly how many people that email was sent to but i know here is over 20,000 flight attendants alone so let’s just say ALOT.

I never expected to receive an email saying I was a winner, but I did!

So the only thing I knew going into this flight was that it was taking off at LAX and landing in LAX. Basically the 747 was stopping at every United base for a final flight allowing employees to say goodbye.

I also didn’t know anyone else who was selected and for convenience had applied for LAX instead of where I am actually based in ORD.

I know everyone thinks I am friendly and outgoing but I am also introverted so when I walked up to a gate of 200 employees who seemed to be best friends I was awkward and uncomfortable. Who wouldn’t?

Luckily I spotted another newbie looking lost and we became partners in crime for the next few hours. Both of us were searching for a familiar face and were happy to find another lucky new hire in the crowd of senior employees. We are pretty sure we were the two most junior people on the whole flight.

Anyways, Danika and I boarded, found seats next to each other, and made friends with people from all departments of this amazing company. We received gift bags, lunch sacks, and champagne and when that ran out any other liquor available.

We were able to explore the plane from hanging out in upper crew rest to the chatting with the pilots in the upstairs flight deck. I will forever be bummed that I never got the chance to work the queen of the skies but this was an experience I will always cherish.

I hope you enjoy the pictures! We had an absolute blast saying goodbye to such an incredible plane. I am sad I was never able to work the queen of the skies but I am so blessed and thankful that I was chosen to be a part of this Farewell Flight!

Let me know if you have any memories about a 747 aircraft!

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