How We Can Help After Harvey 

Flight Attendant Thoughts

So first I want to update you all with how the donations you sent me were able to help numerous Harvey victims. Thank you so much for your generosity you allowed me to bless others and I am so grateful. This past week and a half started with a tragedy among my friends and ended with Hurricane Harvey. It’s been emotional and I am so grateful to be safe and be able to help in a time when I felt so helpless.

Day 1: August 30, 2017
Over 500 dollars went toward donations to a shelter that opened near my home at the Prince of Peace Catholic Church. Some of that money went toward amenity kids filled with toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, razor, lotion and a sucker (cause why not have something sweet during the disaster). I was also able to buy several sizes of socks, flip flops, underwear and trash bags along with 3 bags of clothes I had been planning to get rid of but had been to lazy to do anything with (thank you Jesus for my laziness).
After that first drop off I asked what they were in need of and they said perishable food and water. I headed to the nearest grocery store that was not flooded and went to town from sandwich items to bagels, yogurt, string cheese, Capri Sun and a lot of water. See picture below.

I tried to volunteer but in true Texas spirit they had too many volunteers already. How amazing is that! It was actually hard for me to find a shelter that was in need of donations because the community had been so generous already. Crazy right!
Day 2: August 31

This was a special day because Bo and I were able to help a United flight attendant who reached out for support. I’ve never worked with Nate but have met him multiple times while jumpseating on flights he was working. He was hired a few months before me and actually moved from Saipan, an island near Guam, in 2009. He bought a house in Houston in 2015 and ended up moving his family from Saipan last year. After giving up so much to live comfortably in Houston, Harvey struck and filled their home with about 4 feet of water. Since they are outside of the flood zone they are not offered flood insurance. All of this to say Nate is one of the most kind and sincere people and we jumped at the opportunity to help him recover from the storm.

We spent the day with Nate, his family and a random group of selfless United employees who came out to help. As you can see we helped get rid of the water damage throughout the first floor of his house. We also were able to gift him with $650 thanks to all your generosity. Nate is waiting on loans to help repair his home and is also raising money via a go fund me if you click here you can help be a part.
Here’s a message from Nate!

That moment in life where everything you have worked for and everything you own or have is washed away with the blow of a wind and silent moving water. I recently fell victim of Hurricane Harvey in a worse way. I am a flight attendant with a little over 18 months on the line and I truly love the job and the people I work with. Just recently, the true meaning of brothers and sisters of my winged family showed up to what remains of my home with hammers and brooms to help me start to rebuild. The labor of tearing down the house has started yet now I am at the point where I need to start putting money back into what is currently a washed out spot that my home once stood to bring it back to a livable and safe place for me to live. I have recently brought my family to the US from Saipan and normal day to day life is hard, but now I can honestly say the next step is just to far too steep, without the help of friends and family. I am normally not one that ask for pocket change, however, as the water flowed it also took my pride and made me aware that I am at the point that I can’t do this alone and that I need any help that can be spared in this major time of need. Only contribute is if you have the means.”

Nate is in the black shirt second from the right!

Let me tell you, if you are still trying to figure out how you can help, please consider donating toward Nates cause. His family is so sweet and deserving to be blessed and helped in this time of need. I know there is a ton of tragedy and natural disaster at the moment but heres a way to help Houston.

Also keep praying for Houston! This is going to be a long process of rebuilding.

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