Should You Apply to be a Flight Attendant? Let’s Find Out!

Flight Attendant Thoughts

In case you didn’t know, now is an exciting time for airlines! So many airlines are currently hiring pilots and flight attendants which is so exciting! If you follow my Instagram or blog and wonder if you could do this or if it’s a career that intruiges you then keep on reading! Let’s talk about the pro’s and con’s and see if you are a perfect match!

I’m not going to lie. I struggled the first 10 months. It was a difficult adjustment and I wasn’t sure if this was a job I loved enough to stick it out. At around a year it just clicked. I hadn’t been traveling or doing any cool trips but I think I finally got the hang of the job and realized how blessed I am. Yes there are bad days but the pros totally outway the cons for me! Let me know if you have questions! I would love to answer them. I hope I can inspire some people to join me in the skies!

P.S. I am going to add application links to the bottom of this post of airlines who are hiring as of July 2017! 

Do you love to travel? If the answer is yes then you are on the right track. I’ve been flying for a little over a year now and have left the country more than twenty times. Mostly for personal travel. I have gotten to explore states like Omaha and St. Louis on layovers and have visited friends and family from coast to coast any time I have a chunk of days off, which is multiple times a month. (Pictured: Kotor, Montenegro! Probably the most beautiful view I have ever seen!)

Do you want to travel in first class?  Who doesn’t?! I recently returned from Bosnia through Munich in Business class for under 100 dollars. I may not make much money but the perks of flying in first class on international flights is something I never imagined at the age of 24. (When I fly internationally I tend to pick flights I know I can get first class on. Once you upgrade it’s hard to go back!)

Do you want to bring your family and friends on your adventures? Guess what? You totally can! My family has come with me to Munich on a layover and use my benefits to travel the states whenever they want or need to. They can also upgrade to first class and take full advantage of it! Standby can be risky but to anyone who is flexible it is an amazing opportunity. (Pictured: December 25, 2016 I cried half the day as I was missing my first Christmas and spending it alone. The next day I called my dad at 5 am told him to pack his bags and come on my 5 day Munich, Germany layover! My sister also tagged along!)

Do you want a flexible schedule? If you want a Monday-Friday 9-5 job then the airline industry is not for you. But if you want more than 8 days off a month in chunks at a time look no farther. For example this month I have a week off in the beginning of the month which means I can either go home or do a vacation or both! (Pictured: My most recent trip to Plitvice Falls in Bosnia)

Are you tired of everyday looking the same? A benefit of this career is that no Day looks the same. You will change planes, crews, work positions, states, countries, hotels, time zones, etc. No day is ever alike and I love that! I was so over sitting at a desk for 8 hours following up with the same phone calls, chasing paperwork day after day. I now find myself never getting bored and it is awesome!

Are you tired of spending money on office attire? Let’s be real uniforms aren’t great and definitely are not all flattering but it is nice to have consistency without worrying about staying fashionable. Despite a strict uniform policy you still have flexibility when it comes to makeup, heels, hair, skarfs, ties, etc. Good alterations are key to feeling your best! It definitely takes some of the stress and time out of getting ready for work! 

Do you want the ability to take months of work off at a time? We have medical and educational leaves of absences that can be applied for but there are also opportunities every once in a while to take one or multiple months off. My company has given leaves for 1-4 months over the past year. I have actually applied for a month off in September so I can travel! Who can do that?! (Pictured: Sunset above Houston)

Do you like people? Yes? Perfect! No? Me neither! I’m kidding but sometimes I wonder what I got myself into. The reality of this job is that you will be serving hundreds of people daily. Some days are smooth and people are friendly and thankful other days you are getting yelled at and puked on for 14 hours. At the end of the day you get to relax in a free hotel to decompress and remind yourself how amazing this job is. (Pictures is Malmo, Sweden) 

Can you live with missing holidays? This is the hardest part of the job for me. Over the past year I have missed every holiday with my family. We were able to celebrate thanksgiving a week early and my dad and sister came on my Munich layover the day after Christmas but other than that, every holiday has been spent in Texas. The worst part is that I am currently on reserve (on call) and usually don’t get a trip on a holiday. I’ve spent most holidays alone in Houston and despite the extra pay it really does suck. (July 4, 2016 was spent with flight attendants at a Darius Rucker concert. July 4, 2017 was spent alone in Houston with a standby assignment at 8pm. You win some and you lose some.)

Are you flexible? This job requires early mornings flights and redeye turns. You are required to be cell phone available 24/7 on work days. Flights are constantly getting delayed and cancelled. A 6 hour day can become a 14 hour day. You are not always able to control your schedule. You may not get the base you want. Nothing is set in stone and you always have to be prepared for change, both good and bad. Sometimes a delay can cause a misconnect leading to a 30 hour layover and sometimes a quick turn can turn into 14 and a half hours of hell. Even as a flexible person it can be difficult but keeping the big picture in mind I promise you will survive and love what you do. Well I hope at least! (Pictured: Downtown Houston is a really cool city when it’s not 500% humidity in summer)

Are you willing to move? When we got to training our instructors would ask us at least once a week if we were willing to reallocate and everyone would yell out “YES!” When reality hit and almost 50% of the class did not get their first or second choice everyone went into meltdown mode. Some people quit and others pouted for months until they were able to transfer. Not gunna lie despite saying I was willing to move anywhere I wasn’t happy to be placed in Houston but am so glad I was given houston over any other base option. It may not be a forever home but it is centrally located and cheap which is ideal for travel! I promise moving is not the end of the world especially when you can fly for free! (Pictured: Despite moving away I am always able to make it home when it counts whether it’s a wedding, birthday or just a last minute spur of the moment trip! Family and friends learn to adjust to the sporadic schedule!)

Are you looking for a change? I was! I was in between graduating college and a job and knew I needed to travel before settling down. Maybe you are looking to travel for a year and then apply for your dream job or maybe your dream is to be a flight attendant or pilot. I have flown with men who applied for the woman and travel intending to fly for a summer and are still flying 25 years later. There are recent college graduates, recently married or divorced and people who just needed a change of pace. I highly recommend looking into it if you have an incling! I love my job so much and know so many of you would to!

Currently hiring:
United Airlines

American Airlines

 Hawaiian Airlines (I couldn’t find an application but there are interviews in fall in the states!)


Not hiring at the moment but here’s the link to check!

Virgin America/Alaska Airlines 


JetBlue (Website is too confusing for me!)

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