How I Deal With Jetlag

Flight Attendant Thoughts

Alright I keep getting asked how I deal with jetlag…As my name states I am obviously jetlagged often and it can be really hard on my body. Flight attendants change time zones hourly so when we finally get to our hotel or home at night (or day) our bodies are often confused.

 This is how I handle jetlag:

1. Listen to my body: After a 10 hour flight you never know how your body will react. If I get to the hotel and I am wide awake I will try and workout and explore. If I checkin and am exhausted I’ll sleep. Sometimes it’s two hours other times it’s 13 hours. It may not be the best when trying to get on the right time zone but sometimes you just have to listen to your body.

2. Stay Hydrated: I struggle with this one but any flight attendant will tell you to drink a ton of water especially because planes will dehydrate you like crazy. 

3. Work Out: This may help wake you up if you are trying to get adjusted to the time zone. Push through the sleepiness and get a workout in to give yourself an energy boost. 

4. A Warm Bath: If you are trying to sleep a warm bath may help relax your body to trick it to sleep. I often try reading a book to help get my eyes tired. 

5. Wine/Coffee: The oldest tricks in the book should not be forgotten. Try some coffee if you need an energy boost to last a few more hours and some wine as a night cap. Sounds simple but sometimes simple is all you need! 

There’s no easy way to deal with jetlag but don’t forget to listen to your body and hopefully these tips will help you out! Let me know what you think!

Pictured: Denver, CO / Honolulu, Hawaii / Fojnica, Bosnia / Houston, Texas

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