Lavatory Etiquette

Flight Attendant Thoughts

So a dear family friend (shoutout to Tamara!) mentioned how nasty men leave lavatories. I will be the first to say men and women both destroy lavatories. In light of this I decided I should give some common sense reminders as well as friendly tips on how to do lavatories right!

It’s about to get real!

1. Wear Shoes: It may look clean but I guarantee there has been urine and vomit on that floor before. Yes planes are cleaned often but not deep cleaned. If it’s wet it’s probably not water. Just saying. 

2. Close the Door: You aren’t at home, this one really mystifies me. I have actually had men pee while the door is wide open in my galley. Not cool.

3. Lock the Door: Come on y’all, I don’t want to walk in on you and neither does any of my passengers. Also make sure the door is closed when you lock it. Everyday people lock the door without fully closing it. See below….someone is in there and the door is open. So close. 

4. Courtesy Flush: It’s the polite thing to do.

5. Aim for the Toilet: Sounds simple but apparently it’s not…Men…

4. Always Carry Poo-Pourri: If you are someone who has to go after a morning coffee, you have IBS, or just have no problem going in public this is a handy tool. A few drops in the toilet before you go help eliminate odor, the last row will greatly appreciate this gesture.. So will we.

5. Toss Toilet Paper in the Bowl Before Going #2: I have heard this helps prevent skid marks so remnants are not left behind for the next passenger. Gross.

6. Trash: Place paper towels in the trash and toilet paper in the toilet. I’m not sure what happens in there but somehow the floor is covered in trash and the sink is clogged with paper. Help everyone out and put trash where it belongs.

7. Diapers: Please never hand a flight attendant a dirty diaper. We cannot take it from you. Try placing it in an air sick bag and tossing it in a lavatory trash.

8. Puke Bags: Airlines have procedures for vomit so feel free to let a flight attendant know if you get sick. 

I hope this helps you have a more pleasant lavatory experience! 

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