Walls of Dubrovnik: 3 Must Do’s

Around the World

1. Walk the Walls: Pay the $18 (120kn) and take the time to walk the walls. Throughout the walk you will have different views of the inside of the walls, the hills, and the Adriatic Sea. You will be amazed by the incredibly vibrant colors of the water in contrast to the orange roofs, rocks and castles/fortress’. As touristy as it may be it is a must do your first time to Dubrovnik.

2. Ice Cream Coffee in view of Game of Thrones Fortress: I cannot remember what this cafe was called but hopefully the pictures below will help. It has an ice cream stand out front as well! Anyways, you will have your fair share of coffee in this part of the world. Trust me. But this ice cream coffee was one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted. Trust me on this one and taste a bit of heaven!

3. Cafe Buza: This whole in the wall (literally) cannot be missed but may be hard to find. Enjoy wandering through the city while searching for the opening to this cliff side cafe. Stop in for food, drinks or just a casual spot to read a book and enjoy the ocean breeze. My photos aren’t he best but click on the link for photos and directions, it really is an incredible experience. 

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