Manners Matter at 30,000 Feet

Flight Attendant Thoughts

Since I spend a majority of my life on planes now, I figured I would share some manners that your crew will always appreciate!  With all the negativity towards airlines recently, here is a few ways you can help make your flight smoother for everyone!

A simple hello. Let’s be real no one wants to be rejected 150 times in a row. A simple hello or even a smile as you walk onboard means a lot more than you know. 

  • Fun Fact: If you really wanna make your crews day, bring some chocolate for them! We always remember people who treat us well!

during the safety demo. It’s up to you to pay attention but we do ask for you to respect us and those around you by ceasing conversation and hanging up your phones. 

Beverage Cart = Earphones out. This one is a pet peeve of mine. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked people 3+ times what they would like to drink before they even look up. If you notice the beverage cart just take the earphones out for a few seconds while we take your order and hand you your drink. 

Know your drink of choice. I get it, you fly different carriers so you don’t always know what we offer, but if you throw something at me I’ll give you my next best option. Asking what we have isn’t going to get you on any flight attendants good side. 

  • Fun Fact: A Flight Attendants least favorite drink to pour is…… Diet Coke! So much foam, it’s obnoxious. Now you know!

Shut and lock the lavatory door. As you have probably noticed the lav doesn’t usually smell great. Please push the door shut on your way back to your seat so the galley doesn’t absorb the unpleasant odors. Also, lock the door when you enter. Sounds simple…but we aren’t fans of walking in on y’all on the daily…MEN!

Galley Yoga
…We are sympathetic to the fact that you are cramped in a tiny seat for many hours but we also need our space. Feel free to get up and stretch (if the seatbelt sign is off) but remember we have nowhere to go and don’t really want your behind in our faces. 

I’m not a trash can. I know you have a bunch of trash with nowhere to put it but if there’s no trash bag in my hand, just stash it in the seat back pocket for now. Most likely if you hand me something I will take it but don’t be offended when we just can’t.

Last but not least, everyone’s favorite, the seat belt sign. If it’s an emergency, it’s an emergency, use the restroom. My job is to inform not enforce. But when you are told that the seat belt sign is on and it is not recommended to be up don’t role your eyes or give us sass. We are following rules determined by the FAA for your safety. 

  • Fun Fact: Despite popular belief, Flight Attendants do not find pleasure in telling passengers over and over that the seat belt sign is on.

Now that you know, I expect you to be the best passengers for my airline family! You can’t control delays, angry passengers, or grumpy flight attendants but you can be the best you, and hopefully it creates a chain reaction!

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