A Day in Montenegro 

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My new obsession! I love falling in love with places I never dreamed of exploring (and possibly didn’t know existed). Montenegro made us feel like we were living in The Truman Show, thank you Andrea for the reference! We were practically expecting to walk into a wall and realize we are just living in a fake world. Thankfully that never happened and the beauty was never ending. Here’s my 24 hours in Montenegro!

We began the day driving from Dubrovnik, Croatia and made our first stop in Herceg Novi. This peaceful cove was a dreamy pit stop for sail boats with crystal clear water and fortress walls on every edge. We took a stroll along the boardwalk and grabbed coffee at Admiral Cafe and Resturant along the ‘pier.’ It is way overpriced but honestly the view is worth the money. Try the iced coffee! 

Next on our list was, Perast, to see Our Lady of the Rocks. So there are two small islands off the coast. Saint George Island is naturally formed and privately owned by monks. We were told it is a cemetery.  The second is manmade, created from a ship wreck and has a small church tourists can explore. In the photos, the island we are on is Our Lady of the Rocks and the small one in the background is Saint George Island. You will feel like you are getting hassled when you show up, but we paid 5 euros each to take a boat to the island and back. It’s beautiful, small and worth a stop. 

Now to the final destination of Kotor, to unwillingly climb what is left of Saint Johns Fortress and it’s 1900 steps…yes you read that right. The 1900 steps sounds a lot less intimidating when you aren’t looking at the 4,000 foot mountain. Despite the blistering heat and sore calves the view is absolutely stunning. Nothing compares. The photo above has not been edited at all, I know, I’m in shock too. 

We ended up finding an Airbnb just outside Kotor called Apartments Villa PM that costs $48 total for 3 people and is on the water. It has a small beach as well as steps into the water. I will definitely be returning to this beautiful little spot. The only downfall is slow wifi and hot water that doesn’t last long (pretty typical anywhere in former Yugoslavia), but let’s be real, the location is so worth it and it is 5 minutes from Kotor!

As far as food, Kotor is known for clams, which I intended on having for dinner. Unfortunately the pizza ended up winning me over! Oops! Next time the clams are all mine! 

Hope you enjoyed! I would love any recommendations if you have been! 

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