Bugs for Dinner!? Mexico City Airport!

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Who are my crazy foodies out there?! Over the years I have tried cow tongue at Korean BBQ, a live termite in Belize, ate ants as a kid, a whole fish in Bosnia, escargot in France and rumored to have eaten camel in Morocco, so this Mexico City layover was exciting for me! 

I never knew I could have so much fun in an airport! It helps to have an amazing crew who knows their way around and speaks Spanish. First of all this airport has a huge food court with any food or drink you can imagine. Seriously, so many options!

But my focus today is on one restaurant Cucara Macara located above the food court. If you are looking to be adventurous this is the place for you (there is normal Mexican food as well). I went in search of escomoles (ant larvae), but left with a tummy full of chicharrones (pig skin chips), grillo (crickets), and gusano de maguey (tequila worms)! What better way to entertain yourself at an airport than crazy food!

The Taste:  

Escomoles: For anyone wondering the ant larvae is mixed with onions and that is basically all you taste. They give you lime and tortillas and we ordered guacamole chips and salsa and ate it with tacos and chips. If you like onions try it!

Chicharones: You may have seen these before, they sell them like chips. Fluffy, yummy, and seasoned. They are so common I forgot to take a photo, my bad. 

Grillo: These were the best part. We didn’t actually order these, just started talking to the gentlemen at the table next to us who ordered cricket tostadas. They gave us a few to try and they are crunchy and full of seasoning. I would eat them again in a heartbeat! 

Gusano de Maguey: This was an interesting one. It was big, warm, squishy, and not very flavorful. I’ve never eaten intestine but this is how I would imagine it tasting. Wouldn’t recommend a plate of it, but it was fun to try one! 

I love food and find it so fun to step out of my little “American food” box and try new things! So next time your at the Mexico City Airport looking for food, head over to Cucara Macara. 

P.S. I have a very sensitive stomach and had no issues with any of the above foods!

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