Santiago, Chile 

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Fun Fact:  Chile’s Andes Mountains are home to some of the worlds largest active volcanoes.

Uber friendly

Language: Spanish

  • Hello – Hola
  • Bye – Adios
  • Thank you – Gracias

Alright y’all! Here’s to country number 29!  This is going to sound crazy to anyone who is not in the airline industry but this month while on call for work I have not worked a flight in two and a half weeks.  That means I have been getting paid to do what I want without working.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  At times this can be frustrating but this month I have enjoyed being able to relax and explore Houston a little and that is exactly what my plan this week was until I was called to work a redeye flight to Chile with a 37 hour layover.  Although I wasn’t overly excited, how can I complain?  This is why I love my job and I am so excited for another passport stamp to add to my collection!

After a smooth 9 hour flight and a 3 hour time change we arrived at our hotel around 11:30 am which means…NAP TIME!  There is no way to truly overcome jetlag but for anyone who doesn’t want to waste a day, I often shower or take a warm bath, close the blackout blinds, turn on the tv and nap for a few hours.  Sometimes napping is easy, other times your body can’t figure out what your brain wants, like today.  I was absolutely exhausted but by the time I got in bed my body wasn’t feeling it.  I had plans to meet with someone in two hours so I ended up sleeping for about 45 minutes which means a whopping total of 2 and a half hours in the last 24 hours…(and you wonder why you come across grumpy flight attendants!)

Anyways the day ended up being a success as we headed out to San Cristóbal Hill which begins with an 850 meter hike or a funicular ride to the top of the mountain (if like me, you don’t know what a funicular is, google it, it is really cool!).  The funicular takes you to a sanctuary dedicated to the immaculate conception with a 72 foot statue of the Virgin Mary, a beautiful floral amphitheater and a chapel.  To add to the beauty, the hill has a panoramic view of Santiago, it is well worth a visit! On a normal day you can also visit a zoo and two pools that are closed Mondays.

Afterword we headed over to Parque Forestal, a beautiful urban park that I was unwilling to explore due to the blazing sun.  I believe there is a museum but there is also tons of artwork and architecture as well as picturesque places to enjoy a good book.  You can also walk to the Plaza de Armas which is the main square in Santiago surrounded by museums as well as government and historic buildings (sidenote: there’s is a fountain in the middle of the square that kids swim in and I was tempted to join.)  It is also in walking distance to a ton of restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, coffee shops, museums, etc.

After deciding the park was not in the books we grabbed dinner, I had a local fish stew dish and then had an amazing fresh ice cream bar that we noticed was all over the city. It was a raspberry popsicle with a white chocolate coating, but there is tons of options.  

That concluded the day as jetlagg fully set in and I was off to bed for the night sleeping past the free hotel breakfast..

Day two we knew we needed to be shielded from the sun but wanted to get out so we bought tickets for the Red Bus Tour which is a hop on hop off bus through touristica.  Now these Red Bus tours aren’t the best but if you want to get around the city and learn some history  without constantly getting Uber’s or taxis they can be useful. We were able to see everything we wanted while stopping for coffee, ice cream, lunch, and a trip to the top of the Sky Costanera at the Costanera Center/Mall.  This cost around 10 US dollars and is discounted with a student ID and is the tallest building in Latin America with a 360 view of Santiago.

Well that was my 36 hours in Santiago, Chile now to rest and work back to Houston.  Hasta la vista Chile!

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