🌴Tulum, Mexico🌴

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Looking for a weekend getaway or a reasonable vacation? Try Tulum, Mexico! A short flight to Cancun and a cheap rental car will allow you to drive about an hour and a half past the tourists to a quaint more local beach town.
Best time of year: November-December for post-hurricane breezes, reasonable prices, and less crowds (travel.usnews.com)

Fun fact:  Tulum is a rare city built by the Mayans and surprisingly is the third most visited city in Mexico.  You will never guess when you visit. (Tulum Ruins-Tulum Facts)

Language: Spanish

  • Hello – Hola
  • Bye – Adios
  • Thank you – Gracias

Where I stayed…Many resorts are all inclusive so look for deals!

1.  Howlita Hotel Tulum (http://www.howlitatulum.com/)

  • Located about two blocks from the Main Street (food, shopping)
  • Less than 10 minutes from beach
  • English speaking staff
  • Access to cooking classes, excursions, and tours through hotel
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Pool and patio in backyard
  • Free bike rentals

This is down the beach from Zazil Kin but it looks similar

2.  Zazil Kin Beach Club (http://www.hotelzazilkintulum.com/)

  • Beach Cabanas with mosquito net beds (private bathroom or community shower/bathroom)
  • Electricity only available at night (bring flashlight)
  • Beach Bar
  • Rentable lounge chairs (cost=1 alcoholic beverage)
  • Close to Mayan Ruins (Ruinas de Tulum)
  • Water activities available through hotel
  • Walk down the beach in either direction for beach bars, excercise, activities, etc.

3.  All things food & drink:


         -crowded local resturant, dirt cheap tacos, delicious, fresh, worth it, dinner only (we went every night)

  • Street Tamales
  • Rambutan (not from Tulum, but this delicious fruit is sold in carts on the side of the road)
  • Fresh Coconut milk/water/meat
  • Fresh fruit
  • Dessert-fresh fruit popsicles/ice cream
  • Restaurants near the beach are closer to American prices but have beautiful views, if you stay on the Main Street it tends to be a little more reasonable.

4. What I did:

  • Kanlum Lagoon (main picture, local hidden spot, so worth it)
  • Cenotes

         -Grand Cenote (tourist trap but beautiful), ask locals or hotel about excursion 

         -We did an ATV Cenote tour that explored 3 private Cenotes.  It took a whole day but was well worth it!

  • Ruinas de Tulum (Beautiful beach front ruins, another tourist trap, I would recommend a tour guide so you can learn as you go)

Enjoy an affordable getaway!

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    1. I love Tulum and Mexico period.
      I enjoyed looking at your photos. They were not what I expected reading the title but I liked them nevertheless. Keep posting more, I wonder what else you might have up your sleeve.

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