✈️All About Me✈️

Flight Attendant Thoughts

Photo: Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean on the MV Explorer.

Career: Flight Attendant

Biggest Fear: People reading what I write! (shocker right?) Growing up I had a real phobia.  My dad would always read my cards out loud and I would start to cry.  Hopefully I am out of that phase now…..

Recently became a sugar addict, preferably Cold Stone (sweet cream ice cream with strawberries…yum!)

Studied abroad on a ship for 4 months traveling to 15 countries with Semester at Sea.


To do: Country Concerts (I fit right in in Texas, right…?–>)

Music: Country

Food: Sushi, Steak, Potatoes

Drink: Unsweatened Tea, Skinny Peppermint Mocha/Chai Tea Latte, Mojito/Moscow Mule

Book: Mark of the Lion Trilogy-Francine Rivers (all time), Gone Girl-Gillian Flynn (right now)

Animal: Duck! For those of you that are curious my family had a pet duck while I was in college.  It basically was another sibling, we were absolutely obsessed.  Sammy ate with us, swam with us, and went on walks with us.  Crazy family, I know. (Sorry for the bad picture, but look at his smile! Melts my heart)

Country: Belize, South Africa, Cuba, Bosnia

Season: Fall

Destination: Tropical

Feel free to ask questions! 🙂

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